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Class Outcomes

  • Range Of Motion

    Do things you could never do before

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    Unlock strength for new gains

  • Joint Health

    Feel and move better

  • Alignment

    Improve ribs and pelvis positioning

  • Understand Your Body

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  • Breathing

    Expand capacity and connect with your breath

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The  Elite Video Membership is for anyone who wants to move better, improve their breathing, and level up their health.

We utilize systematic approaches to get you to your health and fitness goals. You will learn about your body and start moving and feeling better than you ever have! 

Class Series Include:

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Our students are raving about classes with Ian.

Ulrike B.

You are truly educating us about our bodies and after just the first class and the prep work via assessments. I can honestly say that this investment has been one of the best ever!!!!

Rondelle D.

The Pelvic Magic 1 is amazing. I noticed a huge difference in my elliptical workout the next day, less fatigue in my quads, and far more balance between my glutes/hammies and hip flexors.

Amanda M.

Did pelvic magic 2 this morning and it was just what I needed after my run yesterday. Both one and two are pure gold - can't wait try out the third instalment.

Efi E.

Just did the spine class last night! Best kinstretch class I’ve ever done! And I’ve done many! It’s hard to teach good spine class online! Good job Ian! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

Jade H

Ian Markow your work is golden: the variety and explanations are impossible to beat!!

Adi S.

The EVM has literally changed my own experience in my body and how I coach others to learn to use theirs... looking forward to signing up for the Mobility Coach Plus!

Your Instructor

Ian Markow

Ian is a personal trainer and educator based in Miami, FL. He has taught Kinstretch classes and exercise workshops internationally and all around the United States. His passion is helping people become the best version of themselves through hard work and the acquisition of knowledge. You can follow him on Instagram at @ianmarkow.

We have organized our subscription in the most digestible way possible. 

The truth is, the science behind training can be confusing. With the acronyms, principles, and endless exercise options it can be hard to know if you are doing things right. We are here to answer your questions!

Each Class Has 2 Angles!

In order to ensure correct form we utilize two angles allowing students to see all the details from different views. 

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The Blueprint

  1. 1
    • Waiver and Release

    • Welcome To The EVM

    • How To Get Started

    • Facebook Group

    • Your First Class! Start Moving NOW

    • Class Suggestions

    • Equipment We Use

    • Assess The Essentials

  2. 2
    • What You Need To Know

    • Foundation Schedule

    • Foundation Schedule FAQ

    • Assess The Essentials

    • Assess The Foot

    • What Is Your B.O.L.T. Score?

    • Phase 1 Neck Tranquilizer

    • Phase 2 The Breathing Basics

    • Phase 3 Daily Breathing Routine

    • Phase 4 The Deep Stuff

    • FAQ for Breathing Routine

    • Day 1 Pelvic Magic & Breathe (29:25)

    • Day 2 Global Mobility (27:21)

    • Day 3 Strength & Balance (37:09)

    • Wrist & Elbow Mini Focus (18:14)

    • Aerobic Day Zone 2

    • Sleep Like A Baby

    • Habits Of A Champion

  3. 3
    • What You Need To Know About Phase 2

    • Strength Class Phase 2 (35:28)

    • Mobility Class Phase 2 (42:38)

    • The TVA Train (19:56)

    • Gluteus Soleus (26:09)

    • The Sure Things

  4. 4
    • Intro

    • Daily C.A.R.'s

    • Daily Positional Breathing

    • Phase 1

    • Phase 2

    • Phase 3

    • FAQ

  5. 5
    • Intro

    • Daily C.A.R.'s

    • Breathing For Hip Mobility

    • Phase 1

    • Phase 2

    • Phase 3

    • FAQ

  6. 6
    • Active Vs Passive Range of Motion

    • Closing Angle Pain

    • How To Breathe In Class

    • Intent

    • P.A.I.L.s and R.A.I.L.s

    • Progressive Overload

    • Irradiation

  7. 7
    • Phase 1 Neck Tranquilizer

    • Phase 2 The Breathing Basics

    • Phase 3 Daily Breathing Routine

    • Phase 4 The Deep Stuff

    • Isometric Strength (15:14)

    • Tranquilo Time = Parasympathetic (8:06)

    • Ladder (11:52)

    • Elevator Breathing (17:47)

    • Level Up Your Awareness (10:54)

  8. 8
    • Controlled Articular Rotations Overview

    • Upper Body C.A.R.'s (19:31)

    • Shoulder Rotation C.A.R.'s (15:06)

    • Lower Body C.A.R.'s (16:48)

    • Hip Rotation C.A.R.'s (13:11)

    • Spine C.A.R.'s (11:22)

    • Ankle & Foot Mini (13:03)

    • Neck C.A.R.'s (10:21)

  9. 9
    • Pelvic Magic Educational Overview

    • Pelvic Magic Zero (22:44)

    • Side Smoosh (35:05)

    • Rolling For Hip Rotation (5:34)

    • Pelvic Magic Cross Connect (26:58)

    • Pelvic Magic 1 (29:25)

    • Pelvic Magic 2 (35:33)

    • Pelvic Magic 3 (41:29)

    • Pelvic Magic 4 (45:52)

    • Pelvic Magic 5 (39:37)

    • Hip Hikers Guide To The Galaxy (30:35)

    • Sliding & Gliding (17:37)

    • Hello Adductors (4:13)

    • The Kickstand Hinge (42:39)

  10. 10
    • Lower Body Intro (49:25)

    • Hip Internal Rotation Start Here (7:43)

    • Hip Internal Rotation Progress Here (15:20)

    • Hip External Rotation Start Here (17:16)

    • Hip Flexion (1:02:07)

    • Hamstrings (51:41)

    • The Path To 9090 (39:34)

    • 9090 Death (43:08)

    • Dynamic 9090 (29:00)

    • 9090 Funeral (44:13)

    • Groin (14:26)

    • Squat (31:11)

    • Stay In The Elevator Squat Class (36:14)

    • Mastering The Single Leg (47:49)

    • The Side Butt Journey (46:48)

    • Intro To Front Splits (29:31)

    • Quick Hip Extension (15:39)

    • Running Warm Up (25:26)

    • Adductor City (42:28)

    • Straight Leg Groin Mini (09:44)

    • Straight Leg Obliteration (59:19)

    • Quick Hamstring Strength (17:04)

    • Intro To Single Leg (16:56)

  11. 11
    • Operation Pronation Supination (46:00)

    • Operation Pronation Supination 2 (36:37)

    • Knee (49:25)

    • Ankle Rotation (52:08)

    • The Ankle Pump (31:25)

    • Ankle & Foot Mini (13:03)

    • Knee Over Toes & Ankle (49:42)

    • The Great Toe (15:08)

    • Foot Class 1 Hello Heel (28:17)

    • Foot Class 2 What That Arch Do (25:18)

    • Side To Side Ankle & Foot (30:53)

  12. 12
    • Intro To The Ribcage (23:42)

    • Becoming Blastoise (42:54)

    • Thoracic Spine/ Upper Back Mobility (30:56)

    • Ribcage Rotation (49:39)

  13. 13
    • Connecting the Basics (47:55)

    • Connecting The Dots Across The Body (56:11)

    • Get Long (51:41)

    • Mastering The Hip Hinge (44:37)

    • The Legend Of The Top Butt (54:39)

  14. 14
    • Shoulder Rotation Start Here (15:06)

    • Shoulder External Rotation (34:51)

    • Shoulder Internal Rotation (55:34)

    • Scapula (37:45)

    • Scap Class 2 (42:58)

    • Bench Press (34:58)

    • Overhead (30:35)

    • Handstand (47:22)

    • Elbow (24:47)

    • Wrist (26:13)

    • Neck (22:37)

    • Upper Body Mobility/ Core (36:45)

    • Cannons (40:46)

    • Mobility For Dips, Pushups, and Triceps (23:12)

    • Quick Hybrid Upper Body Strength (29:08)

    • Spicy Shoulder Mobility (52:07)

    • The Low Reach (24:10)

    • The Side Shoulder (12:56)

    • 90 Degree Reach (23:07)

    • Closed Chain Shoulder Rotation (16:27)

    • Shoulder Extension (16:17)

    • Shoulder Tri Set AKA Delt Destruction (11:40)

  15. 15
    • Wrist & Elbow Mini Focus (18:14)

    • Elbow (24:47)

    • Wrist (26:13)

    • Fingers That Extend (8:05)

  16. 16
    • Total Body Kinstretch (60)

    • Advanced Total Body Kinstretch (1:06:20)

    • Spine (1:03:36)

    • Spine 2 (47:02)

    • Running (56:41)

    • Rotational Athlete (1:09:46)

  17. 17
    • Into To Core (9:09)

    • The TVA Train (19:56)

    • The TVA Airplane (31:50)

    • 19 Minute Abs (19:05)

    • Just A Wall & ABs (17:45)

  18. 18
    • Lower Body Hybrid Strength (38:19)

    • Fast Pace Lower Body & Core (32:11)

    • Alternating Strength (48:48)

    • Upper Body Hybrid (46:32)

    • Cakes and Core (37:42)

    • Sure Thing Strength Class (47:48)

    • Rethinking The Classic Glute Builders (50:18)

  19. 19
    • Mini Cross Body Stretch (10:58)

    • Thoracic Spine Mini (9:09)

    • Hip Rotation Stick Mobility Style (13:55)

  20. 20
    • That Spot Between Your Shoulder Blades (2:41)

    • Straight Leg Groin Mini (09:44)

    • 2020 Vision (7:22)

    • Wall Reach Isometrics (5:22)

    • Quick Hip Warm Up (14:08)

    • The Arm Bar Sequence (7:28)

    • The Bretzel (6:12)

    • Intro To Single Leg (16:56)

  21. 21
    • We Need To Establish Metrics

    • Assessment Instructions

    • Standing Posture Assessment

    • Neck Assessment

    • Spine Assessment

    • Scap Assessment

    • Shoulder Assessment ER IR

    • Shoulder Extension Assessment

    • Shoulder Flexion Assessment

    • Ankle Assessment

    • Knee Assessment

    • Hip IR ER

    • Hip Flexion Assessment

    • Hip Car Assessment

    • Assessment Results

The Value Inside The Elite Video Membership Is Crazy!

Unlimited Access

Your subscription gives you unlimited access to all of our classes. We have both longer hour-long classes and shorter classes that can be easily added to your schedule. 


Programming Guides

The Foundation is our two-part program for beginners. We have also created 12-week templates for the Hip and Shoulder that include daily recommendations. All of our guides are easy to follow and have built-in progressions. 

Class Series

Challenge yourself and progress through our Posture, Ribcage or Pelvic Magic class series. 

Self Assessment Video Series

When it comes to putting in work MTS does not like to guess. We have created a video series to assess your body from head to toe including when to screenshot the necessary positions. Showing you where you are limited will help you to individualize your approach outside of class as well as maximize your intent in class. 

Kinstretch Pro Tip Series

We have put together a series of videos discussing the finer details of Kinstretch and other approaches we use. This series is the end result of working with a wide variety of students who can’t find the stretch, feel pain in certain places, or cannot get into a certain position. We have done everything in our power to give you the tools to individualize this membership for your own body in order to maximize efficiency and enjoy success.

Facebook Group

Joining the program will grant access to the Facebook group which will serve as a forum. All questions will be answered, students can post videos, and additional links can be shared.

Our classes get results!

Ellie A.

Been doing the Shoulder Kinstretch Class twice a week for the last month. Completely takes away my shoulder impingement and pinching. Quite a tough class.

Fi S.

Are we allowed to swear here?! Because holy fork was that Hip IR class monstrous 😂

Adrian L.

It's very detailed and well organized. It's been the perfect follow up to FRC.

Phillip A.

My knee has felt insanely better since starting this. No painful lockouts or the joint sticking. I do Capoeira as well. I went back to it last week and I was amazed by how good my hips felt and how easy some of the kicks felt.

Chris M.

My hip flexors usually get tight and painful throughout the week but since that class and being diligent with my hip CARS they have felt amazing. Looking forward to the gains pain 😂

Before and After


  • Do classes go away? Will more classes be added?

    Classes will not be taken away and we will continue to build the class library. We will be using the Facebook group to continue getting feedback and creating classes based on what our students want!

  • Can I take classes if I have injuries?

    In general, yes. Ian will always provide modifications for everything so no levels are left out. For specific injuries especially with high levels of pain, please reach out to Ian below to make sure this program will work for you.

  • What can I expect if I am consistent with the subsciption?

    First and foremost, you will learn a ton about your body and how to maintain your health for the rest of your life. You can also expect significant gains in mobility and strength throughout every joint in your body. You will learn how to improve your breathing and minimize daily stress as well.

  • How do we measure success?

    Within the assessment series you will have multiple outcomes being measured both dynamically and isometrically. All you need is your smartphone to complete the assessment. Our goal is not just I feel better but objective evidence of improvement.

  • Are there any prerequisites to signing up?

    Nope! You are good to go. Everything will be explained.

  • Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

    Yes. Your subscription can be canceled from your dashboard whenever you would like. You will have access till the month you paid for ends. Students can manage billing from their dashboard.

  • What is the difference between the EVM to Mobility Coach Plus?

    The Elite Video Membership consists of classes in which you will be able to follow along. Mobility Coach Plus is an education course geared towards trainers or therapists who want to dive deeper into mobility training.

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Get Your First Week FREE!

You've got nothing to lose. Try a class! With your FREE trial, you can cancel ANYTIME!