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A course created for coaches, trainers, and therapists who want to integrate mobility training into their current approach.

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You will become a better trainer, coach, or therapist with our course. 

You will be able to directly apply the concepts taught in Mobility Coach Plus with your clients. Not only will you be able to assess your clients better, but you will also gain the knowledge and programming to get them to reach their goals!

Students will learn the exact formulas that Ian Markow has used with his clients for years.

There are no prerequisites necessary for this course. Many different approaches and systems will be discussed with the goal of being able to adapt to your individual context.

Mobility Coach Plus includes:

  • Continuing Education Through LIVE Practicals ($50 VALUE Each Practical)

  • Two 20 Minute Video Calls with Ian ($200 VALUE)

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access

  • Private Facebook Group for Discussions, Questions and Networking

  • Over 30 Hours of Exclusive Coaching Videos

  • Assessment Tutorial

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Your clients will thank you!

We give you the tools to become a better professional.

"Not only has Ian taught me so many techniques and modalities, but he gave me tools to be a critical thinker, and also he gave me the vocabulary to explain what I saw in my body and my clients."- Hedi


"I really appreciate Ian for the way he approaches and how he teaches because he’s never telling someone this is the way something needs to be done. He is always expressing that you know, this is one way we can do things, this is one way you could speak about something, but that’s not to take away from who you are or what you put yourself through in terms of being a professional and how you run your business and what you do with your clients."- Elliott

Your Instructor

Ian Markow

Ian is a personal trainer and educator based in Miami, FL. He has taught Kinstretch classes and exercise workshops internationally and all around the United States. His passion is helping people become the best version of themselves through hard work and the acquisition of knowledge. You can follow him on Instagram at @ianmarkow.

Two Video Calls With Ian Ensure Your Success

A $200 Value!

Once a student finishes the introduction of the course, a student's first video call is designed to set the student up for success. After the completion of the course, a student's second call is to constructively reflect on the course's entirety and discuss how to implement what you have learned.

Our Students Make Breakthroughs

"I want to say thank you for inspiring me to be where I am. I started following you ages ago when I found you on YouTube looking for help fresh after taking FRC. Going through your MC Plus program was a major turning point in my career and led me to go deeper into the areas that were so unknown to me at the time. What you’ve provided has been so valuable. Thank you a million times over for all you do to educate and inspire, to enable more of us to affect positive change with ourselves and our people, and to elevate our profession." -Kelly G.

Live Practicals

With your purchase of Mobility Coach Plus, you receive access to Ian Markow's LIVE Practicals where he dives deep into a specific subject. During the practicals, Ian takes you through programming so you can feel the details.

Student Testimonials

Andrea R.

Mobility Coach Plus is a truly fantastic resource. From breathing to strength training, it gives an in-depth view of all the aspects of mobility. I love how he compares mobility training to strength training. It makes it easier to understand the practical application of mobility training.

Tanner T.

I have to say, taking some biomechanics courses, and diving a little into PRI... Ian Markow is the absolute man at dumbing all that complex shit down. Just an elite teacher/coach. Thank you!

Rondelle D.

Mobility Coach + is an absolute masterpiece, in the continuing education field, as well as a phenomenal starting point for anyone entering into the mobility, or personal training field. The price point should definitely be higher, because no matter how much amazing content there is when you first enroll, they keep adding more!! The guest speakers are top tier in terms of knowledge. I use tips and knowledge from this course every single day and it’s been paramount in the outcomes of my treatments with my clients. The assessment videos are the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a Registered Massage Therapist for 22 years now and no other course that I have taken, has given me as many tools as this one has.

Jordan K.

I am loving the course and all the information in it including the linked articles. The beginning call with you made the whole process of assessing and programming so much clearer. You've definitely made it easy to go deep down that rabbit hole of discovery!

Kristi L.

Ian has done a great job of incorporating many different views and allowed me to do the work and figure out things on my own.

Duaa B.

What I really liked so far about this course is that it helped put all of the puzzle pieces together !

Matteo Weber

I wanted to thank you for the course you put on, finally, I am able to connect all the dots I was struggling to find. I have practiced on myself what you have been teaching and man... it's crazy.

Michael C.

I’ve been going through Mobility Coach + at my own pace and it has honestly been full of game changers. From breath-work to assessments to so many other useful things, it was changed the way I train for the better already big time.

Lisa M.

Life-changing information that everyone needs to know.

Why Mobility Coach Plus?

We break down complex methods for you to easily apply with your clients.

The course includes research, lectures, personal experiences, and case studies designed to challenge the way you think about training. 

There are coaching videos, specific progressions/regressions, and program templates.

Confronting bias and improving critical thinking are both a huge part of our mission. 

We bring in other industry professionals to add perspective and talk about their specific expertise. 


  • How much time does the course take to complete?

    The course will be available forever upon purchase allowing everyone to finish at their own pace. We suggest going through the course over a 12 week period so you can have time to go in-depth and apply it.

  • Who is this course for?

    If you do not work with other people then this course is not for you. We went all out on this course to provide the best learning experience for professionals. If you are interested in improving your personal mobility we suggest our Elite Video Membership.

  • How is the information delivered in this course?

    We utilize video, text, and pictures to highlight details and double down on key concepts. To ensure mastery of the material we have our provide Facebook group where we will host discussions. In addition, we have accumulated research, lectures, and case studies that will solidify our approach as well as provide multiple voices on the same topic. Our goal is to help you consume the most paramount information to create your own unique systematic approach.

  • Who influenced this course?

    We were so fortunate to learn directly and indirectly from so many influential educators. This course is a collection of so many different points of view allowing us to obtain a birds eye view of the most important concepts in our work. Some of the great teachers included are Tom Myers, Dr. Michael Chivers, Dr. Andreo Spina, Dennis Dunphy, Kyle Dobbs, Dr. Locrao, Sean Light, Karl Duncker, Carla Stecco, and so many more.

  • How do the video calls with Ian work?

    We recommend that you start going through the course first. When we get on our first call we want to set you up for success and spend our time on how to specifically individualize this course for your goals. The second call is scheduled once the course is finished in its entirety. This allows us to collaborate on how to implement everything you have learned for future success.

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