Are you interested in learning how to integrate mobility training? 

Are you a personal trainer or physical therapist?

You are in the right place.

When we train mobility correctly, we increase our range of motion and therefore allow us to get stronger. 

Increased mobility leads to new PR's and better movement.

What You Will Learn

  • What Is Mobility Training?

  • Understanding an Assessment

  • Learn the Science

  • Programming Examples

Topics Include:


Programming Tips


Athletic Considerations


Learn the difference between flexibility and mobility.

Understand the importance of an assessment.

Connect the dots between prerequisites and building strength. Example of shoulder prerequisite for strength exercises.

Your Instructor

Ian Markow

Ian is a personal trainer and educator based in Miami, FL. He has taught Kinstretch classes and exercise workshops internationally and all around the United States. His passion is helping people become the best version of themselves through hard work and the acquisition of knowledge. You can follow him on Instagram at @ianmarkow.

Integrating Mobility and Strength

A 45 Minute Informative Webinar

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Mobility Coach Plus

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